About Tradester

The mission we are on with tradester.org is to bring the working class closer together. To provide a tool for their networking and advancement.

At Tradester we know that a job is much more than a paycheck, its about community; its about who you are. We believe that being part of the working class does not make you a second rate citizen and as a matter of fact its the right career choice for many people. We want Tradester to be a place of community for the working class that also serves as a way for those on a career hunt to get a look at “a day in the life of successful non-professional job”​.

Through the first quarter of 2018, U.S. employers alone have been looking to fill an average of nearly 225,000 construction jobs each month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Obviously there is a serious shortage of skilled workers even though wages are higher than ever and the “dirty job”​ misconception is no longer true in many cases. But even more than the facts and figures, there is a real sense of community and personal achievement that is hard to find in other careers.

Join the Tradester Nation today, its completely free to get involved…. we appreciate and need your support!

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Tradester Ltd
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2-10 employees
5801 Harvard AVE, Cleveland Ohio 44105
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