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Working Class Jobs Have Got A Bad Reputation.

Skilled and construction jobs are viewed as the last option for most of society. Don’t believe us? A recentsurvey right here in the US by the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) showed that only 4% of 16-24 year olds were employed in construction.

Meanwhile the average student will go into college debt of over $30,000 and there a total of 1.52 trillion dollars of US student debt owed to borrowers.

Can We Make Hard Work Great Again?

  • Wages
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The jobs available to the working class are nothing to scoff at, with wages often times higher than a professional occupation. The dirty dangerous job sites long since have progressed past the stigmas associated with them. Technology in the form of BIM, GPS, laser, mobile apps and social media are changing the industry by the day. In fact one of reasons we built Tradester was after watching people share their passion for their work and careers all over the internet.

We realized if only everything could be uploaded into one place the hard working people of the working class would great ly benefit…. Both the current andthe upcoming workforce.

Connecting the massively disconnected
sector of working class careers.

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Our mission is to bring the working class closer together. This basically means creating a place of exposure. A place where a person, a job, a career… can be exposed for what it is in reality. We have integrated a customized social network with a job board, our goal is to create a Brand with Tradester that sparks a Re-Branding of the reputation of working class jobs.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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